The instructions of the LORD are perfect, reviving the soul.  Psalm 19:7 (NLT)

One of our members recently started going to a small group Bible study for the first time as an adult.  One day after the Bible study was over, I received a message from this member which said, “I always feel better on days when we have Bible study.”  That’s because the Bible is God’s very word, and His words touch our souls.  Yes, God’s words speak to our minds, but they go deeper than that.  They reach into our heart and soul if we take time to listen.  Take time today to slow down and open your heart to hear the voice of your Savior.

Lord Jesus, Thank you that you are my shepherd and that I am your sheep.  Let me hear your voice to me today.  Open my ears and my heart, so that I can be revived.  Help me to be quiet enough, long enough to listen.  Amen