by Chuck Hetzler

Our most recent building renovation is nearly complete. We have been working to update our west educational building for our youth and children’s ministries over the past three years.

Our first job was to update our nursery and preschool area on the first floor. Then, we enlarged and refreshed the bathrooms down the hall. Downstairs was the next task. We put up some new paint (QHS blue) and replaced fixtures in the bathroom. Finally, the biggest project that is nearly complete, is the reconstruction of the top floor (pictured below).


We decided to completely redesign the top floor with our youth ministry in mind. The open concept includes a kitchen, remote access to the west exterior door off of the parking lot for safety concerns, wired internet, and new bathrooms. With the youth moving upstairs, it allows us to create a designated space for younger kids to play in the basement. The children’s rec room (soon to be downstairs) will give kids a safe place to be kids so that adults don’t have to worry about them running through the church and getting hurt without an adult to help.

The west education building was constructed in the early 1950s. It included the Moorman Chapel and several small rooms for Sunday School classes and storage. The building had not been updated for decades. It’s so good to see it remodeled and put to good use once again.

All of the money and inconvenience are worth it for one major reason: passing on Jesus to the next generation. Our mission is to seek God to revitalize our church by reaching the next generation while honoring our legacy. With these construction projects, we’re hitting the nail on the head. But a building can’t shape a soul. It’s only a safe and legit place to be. Thanks to Dan North and his youth council and volunteers, they are able to bring the message of Jesus to these students, which is where the real ministry takes place.

So, just because we’re almost done with our building project, let’s not forget that we’re not done with the real task at hand. Let’s keep praying and supporting our children and teens so that they will fully realize how great is our God.