“…(Father), set wholly apart their lives…everything they are, have, experience, and do, in surrender to YOUR Purpose, YOUR Plan, INSIDE Your Truth…Your Word IS The Truth.” – John 17:17

Father, Abba, Daddy God, please dig the roots of our hearts up from being planted in the idols of this world…our own success, our own fame, our own pleasure…give us the gift of repentance…and re-plant us INSIDE Your Truth…in the fertile soil of The Gospel, INSIDE Your Heart, INSIDE Your Plan, INSIDE Your Purpose, INSIDE Your Mission…so that we live as Your instruments…as disciple-making disciples…to help many more people to find, experience, love, and obey Jesus.  This is what we are made for…for Jesus…and what they are made for…for Jesus…He is what every human being is made for (Colossians 1:16)!!! Amen. Just Do It Lord. Let it be so! We agree together INSIDE The Life-Giving Name of Jesus. Amen!