“(Father)…just as You sent Me into the rebellious world, I Myself also sent them into the rebellious world.”John 17:18

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Father God, You sent Jesus on a Mission…to a rebellious world…2,000 years ago.  And if any of us have become Your Beloved adopted children, it is because You also sent Jesus to us personally by Your Holy Spirit, to rescue us out of our rebellion and bring us into The Light…The Light of The Gospel that brings True Freedom to live as You desire…as we trust You.  Jesus, we are now ready to be sent by You to this same rebellious world…with hearts of love…because You loved us first…to rescue a great multitude and bring them into Freedom of The Light of The Gospel…The Joy of being Known by You.  We pray earnestly for You to BREATHE on us and send us out…clothed with Power from on High…as Your witnesses.  Just do it!!! Just Breathe!!! For Your Fame and the building of Your Kingdom, that Your Name Jesus, Yahweh, would be lifted up as MOST Beautiful…and Valued…and Boasted in…above all names.  Amen.