“I Myself have given to them Your Word (Your Playbook).  And so the godless world hated them, because they are not on the godless world’s team.  Just as I Myself (as their Captain), I Am not on the godless world’s team either.” – John 17:14

Jesus, help us to accept this reality, that if we truly accept and live by Your Word, Your Playbook, as a part of Your Team, the godless, rebellious world controlled by Satan, the same world which hated and rejected You and Your first disciples (of whom many were martyred because of their faith in You), that same godless, rebellious world controlled by Satan will also hate and reject us.  Yet help us to love the people who are trapped by the enemy and use us to rescue them, by Your Power and Truth, so that they can join Your Team as we have.  Help us to obey Your Command to make disciples of all the nations, making them a part of Your Family, and teaching them to obey everything You commanded us.  Help us to see the value in making this our number one goal, for apart from You, there is no life.  Amen.