It is our goal that the youth who attend our programs have access to a sort of space set aside and tailored for their spiritual growth as youth. It is a ministry intended to give them a chance to explore candidly and claim enthusiastically a faith in Jesus Christ that is their own. 

 Meet Jesus and Know Life. That’s our hope for each teen. It is Jesus who gives us life and he alone who is able to show us what true living is. So we offer each member of the Youth of First Union no less than this opportunity: meet Jesus for yourself. Find out who is this man that conquered death on your behalf.

While the State of Illinois is practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, Youth Group will meet via LifeSize, a video conferencing tool. If you or your youth would like to join, call Christopher Dedert at 217-430-4610 or Janet Janssen at 217-242-4754.