Introducing Stephen Ministry

by Chuck Hetzler By the leading of God’s Spirit, we are beginning a great ministry that will deepen and expand the person-to-person caregiving capacity of our congregation: Stephen Ministry! Stephen Ministry is a way for our congregation to train and mobilize members to provide Christ-centered care and support to people experiencing many different kinds of [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:44-05:00September 7th, 2017|Fire and Flame|

Who Is Jesus?

by Chuck Hetzler We're nearing Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These national holidays bring reminders of Jesus of Nazareth and draw public attention to reconsider our Lord and Savior. Perhaps you've noticed more programming on TV about Him. Documentaries and motion pictures explore the intriguing life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Of course, not everyone [...]

2017-03-31T12:53:22-05:00March 31st, 2017|Fire and Flame|

Planning and Praying

by Chuck Hetzler "To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue...Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."  Proverbs 16:1, 3   Is it better to plan or pray? Should we put more emphasis on what we can do or what [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:46-05:00January 17th, 2017|Fire and Flame|

A Season for Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." For many of us, we're in a season of thanksgiving and celebration. We're looking back on 2016 with thankfulness for all the blessings God has provided. We can all find something to be thankful for. And most of [...]

2016-12-22T14:15:01-06:00December 22nd, 2016|Fire and Flame|

Passing It on to the Next Generation

by Chuck Hetzler Our most recent building renovation is nearly complete. We have been working to update our west educational building for our youth and children's ministries over the past three years. Our first job was to update our nursery and preschool area on the first floor. Then, we enlarged and refreshed the bathrooms down [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:47-05:00November 4th, 2016|Fire and Flame|

Community Leadership and Service Sunday

by Chuck Hetzler For the past three years the mission of our church has been: to seek God to revitalize our church by reaching the younger generations while honoring our legacy. This means that we bring together old and new. We thank God for our past, but we don’t want to live in it. One [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:47-05:00October 11th, 2016|Fire and Flame|

Finding Happiness in Unexpected Places

The following post is from one of our members, Mike Hulsen. Abraham Lincoln had a wonderful talent for conveying profound truths in homespun phrases.  One saying attributed to him is, “Folks generally seem to be about as happy as they have a mind to be.” It seems that some people just don’t want to be [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:49-05:00September 20th, 2016|Fire and Flame|

I Can Only Imagine

One of our newest members, Jennifer Gronewold, contributes to this week's Fire and Flame blog with some of her thoughts about what the Bible says about Heaven. Can't wait! The book of Revelation records that these things will be absent from Heaven: tears, night, pain, crying, defilement, curses, liars, abominations, moon, stars, pain, and death. [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:49-05:00September 9th, 2016|Fire and Flame|

You Were Made to Experience God

by Chuck Hetzler (This article was originally published in the Ivy League Christian Observer, Fall 2012.) Have you ever thought that prayer just isn’t your thing?  You know other Christians who love to spend lots of time with God in prayer.  It seems easy to them.  But that’s not you.  You’ve tried, but it doesn’t click [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:50-05:00August 26th, 2016|Fire and Flame|

Catching the Wave

by Mike Hulsen, Moderator of the Board These are exciting times for our church family. Extensive remodeling of the West Education wing. Enhancing of the church web site and social media capability. Implementation of 30 second inspirational messages on TV channels. Reinstitution of Vacation Bible School. June 16 addition of Dan North as full time [...]

2019-09-06T12:15:50-05:00August 10th, 2016|Fire and Flame|
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