by Mike Hulsen, Moderator of the Board

These are exciting times for our church family.

  • Extensive remodeling of the West Education wing.
  • Enhancing of the church web site and social media capability.
  • Implementation of 30 second inspirational messages on TV channels.
  • Reinstitution of Vacation Bible School.
  • June 16 addition of Dan North as full time Youth Director.
  • Worship attendance and program participation continue to rise.
  • Sunday morning Worship Services receive widespread support.
  • Legacy of exceptional music performance has exploded with new talent.

In the midst of all the excitement, it is important to keep our goals in mind.  For calendar year 2016 we have set about to accomplish the following:

  • Expand our outreach to those of our community who need a church family, with particular focus on attracting young families.
  • Inspire the personal spiritual growth of each member of our congregation.
  • Begin to cover our regular operational expenses with current giving.

How can each of us help in the attainment of these goals?

  • Identify potential members, see that they are invited, follow-up with visitors, extend a hearty welcome.
  • Support our advertising and promotion efforts by visiting the church web site, making suggestions for improvements, and directing others to the sites.
  • Set aside a few minutes each day for your personal devotional time. Use our newly developed daily web page update titled “Today from 12th & Maine.” Or, use a copy of the monthly “Upper Room” devotional booklet, free in the narthex.  Try it for one month.
  • Each day reach out to another with an act of kindness: a note, greeting card, email, text, phone call, personal visit. If a prayer on their behalf, write down your thoughts to reinforce your earnestness and commitment.
  • Return to God a portion of his financial blessings to you so that the programs of the church may grow and serve his purposes.

These are exciting times.  We have so many good things going on.  We have extended ourselves with building improvements and staff hiring.  But, we firmly believe that our existing members, together with anticipated new members, will meet the challenge.  May the Good Lord bless and direct our efforts.