“And I Myself have given to them The Fame which You have given to Me, so that they would be ONE…just as We (You and Me) are ONE.”   – John 17:22

Father, thank you for a new day.  Every day we are not in hell we are getting more than we deserve.   Forgive us for seeking Fame and Glory, our Worth, in everything other than You. As one of your servants said: “The human heart is an idol factory.”  Cleanse us by The Blood of Your Son of our many sins.  Replace our idols with an experience of Your Glory, Your Fame…The same Fame You gave to Jesus. And as we embrace this gift of Value and Worth from Jesus, in Jesus, cause us to live as a kingdom of priests who are one, just as You and Jesus are one, so that the world would see how Famous, how Valuable, how Worthy, how Glorious, how Beautiful, You, and You Alone, truly are. Amen.