“…so that they would all be ONE, just as You, Father, are inside Me, and I Am inside You…so that also they would be inside us…so that the world would come to believe that You Yourself sent Me…because You Yourself did send Me personally to them.  And I, for My Part, I have already given to them The Infinite Worth which You gave to Me with the goal that they would become ONE, just as We (You and Me), are already ONE.” – John 17:21-22

Father, make Your Church in Quincy, IL, which looks to us to be many different churches…to become ONE Church, really ONE…just as ONE as You and Your Son Jesus are ONE. Forgive us and cleanse us of our many divisions and rivalries which are of our sinful flesh, and not from Your Spirit.  Forgive us for not seeing things the way Jesus did when He wrote only ONE Letter to each church in each of the SEVEN cities of Revelation 2-3. We beg You to answer this prayer which our Great High Priest Jesus prayed 2,000 years ago…and we trust He is still interceding for us, with the same prayer, today.  Make our hearts to be aligned with Jesus’ Heart. We want this to happen ultimately not just for us, but so that the lost sheep of Quincy and in the whole world would become a part of the ONE flock of The Good Shepherd…pour Your compassion into our hearts for those who are harassed and helpless because they are separated from You…so that our hearts break for the lost…as Jesus’ Heart Breaks.  We earnestly pray that You would use this future ONENESS of the ONE church in Quincy to send out…even throw out…workers…laborers…into Your Harvest Field…The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Amen. Come Holy Spirit, IN THE Name of Jesus, with His Authority, in obedience to His Command, we pray this, as His Ambassadors, Amen.  Luke 11:13

John 7:37-39

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