by Josh Vahle

Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.” Revelation 3:19

When God is reproving us, it doesn’t feel good.  It feels like being pruned.  Its painful.  Love is sometimes painful.  To be told that you are hurting others and God and you need to change is hard to hear.  But its good.  Its the best thing that could ever happen, both for our good and for everyone else in our lives.  Let’s ask Jesus to help us to obey this command of His!

Jesus, thank You for Loving us when You reprove us, when You gently yet honestly open our blind eyes to see the ways that we are not loving You well or others well.  Forgive us for often resenting it and not receiving it as Your Love.  Help us to trust and believe that it is Your Love.  And give us Your Grace and Holy Spirit to be able to actually be “zealous and repent”.  Help us to turn away from what we’ve been doing and return to You, to be with You, to be forgiven and healed and changed because we have returned to You and You are changing us as we are in Your Presence.  Give us Your Great Zeal for this purpose, because You love us.  We love You too! Amen.