“…I Myself inside them and You Yourself inside Me, so that they would be, having been made perfect and still being perfected into One, so that also the world would experience and know that You Yourself personally sent Me (to them), and You Unbreakably Loved them just as You Unbreakably Loved Me.  Father, the people whom You have given to Me, I desire so that where I AM, also they would be with Me, so that they would stare at My Divine Fame, My Glory, My Beauty, which You gave to Me, because You Unbreakably Loved Me before the creation of the world.  O Father, Perfectly Righteous One, the rebellious world did not experience You…I Myself though, I experienced You…and these people (the ones whom You have given to Me), they experienced You, because You Yourself, You personally sent Me (to them).  And I caused them to experience Your Name, and I will continue to cause IT to be experienced (by them), so that Your Unbreakable Love, with which You Unbreakably Loved Me, would be inside them, and I Myself (would be) inside them. – John 17:23-26

Father God, let The Reality of Jesus being inside us (we who are His Body) and the reality of You Father being inside Jesus, cause us to become mature and complete, and still daily being perfected into One, as The One Body of Christ, resulting in the rebellious world experiencing and knowing truly that we ARE Your adopted children, that we ARE the people who have experienced Jesus because You sent Jesus personally to us by The Holy Spirit, and that we ARE Loved by You with The Undying and Unbreakable Love, the very same Divine Love with which You Loved Your Only Begotten Son Jesus from eternity past.  Wow. Amen.