“O Father, Perfectly Righteous One, the rebellious world did not experience You…I Myself though, I experienced You…and these people (the ones whom You have given to Me), they experienced You, because You Yourself, You personally sent Me to them.  And I caused them to experience Your Name, and I will continue to cause IT to be experienced, so that Your Unconditional Love, with which You Unconditionally Loved Me, would be inside them, and I Myself would be inside them. – John 17:25-26

Father, help us to hunger and thirst for Your Perfect Righteousness, sent from Heaven, like Manna in the wilderness…for Your Son, who is The Bread from Heaven.  Fill us.  Forgive us, for our rebellion, for loving the world and its idols more than You.  Thank You for The Blood of Jesus that makes us clean and new, every day.  Please cause us to experience You today because You keep sending Jesus to us by Your Spirit.  Thank You for The Gift of Your Holy Spirit. Please fill us up to overflowing with Your Grace and Truth and Love today, so that rivers of Living Water flow from Your Throne through us into the lives of others…so that we say and do to others what we would desire them to say and do to us, loving others as You loved us in Jesus, with compassion, empathy, graciousness, gentleness, and honesty.  Amen.